Urban Monkey customer care: How to contact urban monkey customer care?

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In Today’s post, we will talk about the UrbanMonkey customer care number and resolve all your query regarding UrbanMonkey customer care.

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What is the Urban monkey customer care number?

The customer care of urban monkey is : 91 9967630898

What is the email id of Urban monkey?

The email id os Urban monkey is: hello@urbanmonkey.com

What is the Timing of Urbanmonkey customer care service centre?

The timing of urban monkey customer care service center is: Monday to saturday (11 am to 5 pm)

UrbanMonkey Wallet can be used for a long time or not?

Yes, you can use it for a long time because the built in quality is good but if you aren’t take care it and tear it unnecessarily then it will not last long.

But due to the built in quality it will last long.

How can I get a discount code on the UrbanMonkey cap?

To get a discount code you can refer urban monkey to your friend and if they make a purchase you will get 5% discount coupon.

Currently, the urban monkey isn’t giving us any discount on their products it may happen in festival seasons

But currently they were not giving us any discount or discount code.

There’s a system in Urbanmonkey where you can earn banana’s in different activities listed below.

This banana were considered as discount coupon or you can say that points.

How can you order Urbanmonkey product?

To order Urbanmonkey product you need to follow these simple steps:

1.Visit the official website of urbanmonkey.

2.Then select your product which you want to order and then click on the add to cart button(with the desired quantity).

Urban monkey

3.After adding your product in your cart click on the checkout button and fill-up your details.

Urban monkey

4.And click on the continue shipping and your order will be placed successfully.

What is the price of Urbanmonkey Products?

Urban Monkey productsPrice
Super Wallet //001Rs.1,350
Carry Ninja //001Rs.899
Super Wallet //005Rs.1,200
Sling //005 or GG x UM // Sling 001Rs.1,850
Fanny pack 001Rs.1,650
Fanny pack 002Rs.1,450
The classic BackpacksRs.1,450
Keychain Rs.150
All headwearRs.850 – Rs.1,200
All type of SunglassesRs.1,200
Tshirts Rs.899 – Rs. 1,200

Who is the owner of Urban Monkey?

The owner of the Urban monkey is : Yash Gaganwal he had started his company in 2014 now it’s been 6 years and they had reached a turnover of 5 crore and collaborated with many underground artist.


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