Technical Guru Ji contact number: Email id, Website

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Who is Technical Guruji?

Technical Guru Ji contact number

Technical Guruji is famous and one of the biggest and rich tech Youtubers in India.He had over 20.4 million susbcribers on youtube in 2021.

He is also known as Gaurav chaudhary in his vlogging channel which is having more than 4.6 million susbcribers on youtube in 2021.

He is a well known and respected celebrity on youtube as well as on all other social media and not only that he had good relations with some big tech giant companies CEO’s and company officials.

What is Technical Guru Ji contact number?

The Technical guru Ji contact number is +971527504838

When you search on Truecaller you will get it is registered by technical Guruji aka Gaurav Chaudhary.

What is Technical guruji email id?

The email id of Technical guruji is :

What is technical guruji WhatsApp number?

The whatsapp number of Technical Guruji is: +971527504838

What is the technical guru Ji website?

The website of technical guru Ji is: which is registered in 2016 by Godaddy from UAE (DUBAI).

But the website isn’t working now earlier it used to work but not it was parked in godaddy.


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