Nitesh Arya contact number: How to contact Nitesh Arya?

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Who is Nitesh Arya?

Nitesh Arya

Nitesh is a blogger from Bihar where not only he does blogging other than that he’s also doing some work of property and some religious work.

He’s not that much active on youtube.

But when you see his videos he will talk straightly whatever he wants to say.

As he always say that on youtube that he had joined Youtube because he want to sell his blogging course and earns money.

And he is a well known person in his own village and he say in his videos that he is a crore-pati because of only blogging.

Another thing which is good about this youtuber is that he hadn’t come to youtube to gain followers and susbcribers.

He is really helping people in blogging not only that he also helping his own village boys to earn money from blogging.

If you see his videos he had shown that the guys he started teaching blogging were started earning money from blogging and not only that they were started doing their own business.

So, making some one capable of doing something and earning money from that is a very good thing a person can do in his life.

Not many people were doing it for others what this youtuber is doing for people.

He had big dreams of starting a Ashram on his own and spread the awareness of Hinduism.

What is Nitesh Arya contact number?

The contact number is: 8240630872 (Whatsapp number)

What is Nitesh Arya email id?

The email id is:

Website of Nitesh Arya Youtuber?

The official website is:

What is the income of Nitesh Arya from blogging?

The officially income disclosed from blogging is : 10-15 lakhs rupees per month.


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