Myntra customer care – How to contact Myntra customer care?

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What is the number of Myntra customer care?

The Myntra customer care no is : 080 6156 1999

The Myntra customer care number toll free India is : 18004193500

What is the Myntra customer care email id?

The Myntra customer care email id is :

Does Myntra refund money?

Yes, Myntra refund money under 30 days as they had mentioned in thier websites.

But in some locations if there are no pickup agency then you had to ship the product on your own after that it will be checked that the product is in the same quality or not.

Then the refund is initiated either on the spot or through bank transfer or in bank account.

Myntra customer care

How long does Myntra take to refund?

It takes 10-30 days to refund your product or money because it all depends upon your location and the checking of product.

Can I transfer money from Myntra account to bank account?

No, you can’t transfer money from Myantra account to the bank account because RBI hasn’t allowed you to do it.

Why are companies like Myntra and Flipkart shutting down their websites and moving entirely to their apps?

There’s a strategy behind it :

How many times do you visit a website in a day?

It may be 1-2 times only then you want to search for something or to buy something.

So, they had shifted towards apps in which they will send time to time notifications based upon your behaviour on their app such that you will buy more products from their apps and increase their sales.

Who is the owner of Myntra in 2021?

The owner of Myntra in 2021 is Walmart because Flipkart is now owned b Walmart.

How can I cancel an order on myntra app before delivery?

To cancel an order on Myntra app just follow these steps:

1.Open you Myntra app

2.Go to my orders or Orders and select the order which you want to cancel.

3.There will be an option to track or cancel the shipment or cancel the order option click on it.

4.Then your order will be cancelled.

Does Myntra provide an invoice?

Yes, Myantra provide invoice inside your package and in the top of your package.

Ecommerce: Does myntra ship clothes to the US?

No, because the Myntra is an Indian company that’s why Myntra doesn’t ship currently to US.

Which is better for ordering clothes: Amaozn or Myntra?

From my personal experince i have found that in Amazon that the clothing items options were limited but in Myntra because it was completely clothing app.

What does “Myntra” mean?

According to google translate it means : मिथक

What is the wildcraft mask price in Myntra?

The Wilcraft mask price in Myntra is from Rs.268 – Rs.1050.

If Myntra customer care is not giving proper response in solving pending refund issue whom and how to contact at Myntra?

To solve this problem only social media can help so follow these steps:

1.Go to the Flipkart or Myntra facebook page and comment about your query

2.Tweet on Twitter about how they were not solving your problems and tag Myntra and Flipkart on it. पर आर्डर करने पर आउट ऑफ स्टॉक लालबाग बोलना है तो क्या करें?

If the product is currently out of stock then the only thing you can do is wait and submit your email id for the updates when the products get re-stacked.

Kya hum myntra pe kharida hua saman wapas kar sakte?

Yes, you can do that by just simply going to your Myntra app and select your order and request return then the delivery company will pickup and you will get refund for your product if you had already given money for the product.


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