Mivi Customer care number: How to contact Mivi customer care?

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What is the Mivi customer care number?

The Mivi customer care number is: +91 80999-73333

What is the Mivi customer care WhatsApp number?

The Mivi customer care Whatsapp number is: +91 80999-73333

What is the Mivi customer care email id?

The Mivi customer care email id is: support@mivi.in

What is the timing of the Mivi customer care service?

The Mivi customer care number or service timing is Mon-Sat (10:30 am to 6:30 pm )

What is the Facebook id of Mivi?

The facebook id of Mivi is : @miviofficial

How do I contact Mivi?

To contact Mivi customer care number you can Directly call or message in this mivi whatsapp number : +91 80999-73333 or you can write an email on support@mivi.in.

But let me tell you few things about Mivi customer care service i had purchased a Mivi product which started giving me problem but they were not responding quick either in whatsapp or in email.

In whatsapp number they send automated messages but they not send or provide any customer care support as quick as possible.

And they had initiated the return of the product very late and after they had picked up the product they have given the replacement product very late.

How do I claim your Mivi product warranty?

To claim the Mivi product warranty you need to follow these steps:

1.Write an email first about the problem you were actualy facing with the product.

2.Then they will respond after 2-3 days or sometime spontaneously.

3.After that you need to give all the issues related and all the purchasing history , copy of invoice and all the othr documents which they wanted.

4.Then only you will get claimed your Mivi product warranty.

Mivi Customer care number

Who is the owner of Mivi?

The owner and founder of Mivi were : Viswanadh Kandula & Midhula Devabhaktuni

Is Mivi a Indian brand?

Yes, it’s an Indian brand started in Hyderabad.

How long does Mivi take to deliver?

Usually it takes 2-4 business days but it also depends upond from which platform are you ordering it.

If you are ordering it from Flipkart chances that it can take up to one week.

Which is better Mivi or boat?

I had used some Mivi products and i had noticed is that the bluetooth headphones had a good quality sound.

But when it takes to bluetooth duopods or airpods they don’t have that much of good sound quality.

As compared to Boat they are aslo giving us the better sound quality in the aprrox. same price.

Personally i will suggest that you should go for Boat not mivi because if you want good sound quality then Boat is the best option availbale there.

But their customer service of both Boat and mivi isn’t that good.

As you know if you go for a low budget products you need to sacrifice either in one of the things.

Which is new mivi roam or mivi zero?

Mivi zero is the new product of Mivi where as Mivi roam were launched in the starting days of Mivi.

Are Mivi earbuds are better than Mi?

In 2021 Mivi had totally removed his Mivi wired headphones they were now only focusing on the bluetooth earbuds.

But when you compare the Mivi earbuds with Mi yes Mi can be a better option because the starting price of Mivi earbuds is more than Mi.

Where as sound quality not all the Mivi products had the same sound quality.

But when you go to MI you will get the same and good sound quality in all the earbuds.

Not only that the main reason i will prefer Mi over Mivi is because of it’s service center the Mi service center is near you.

You can reach out to the Mi service centre easily but the only support centre of Mivi customer care is in Hyderabad.

Will the Mivi moonstone Bluetooth speaker support Google Voice assistant?

No, currently they were not providing the google assistant support they were only focusing on providing good music experience.

But if they did that they were the competitor of Alexa and google.


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