Micro Video Mastery (MVM) – How to contact Avi Arya of MVM?

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Micro video mastery

What is the Micro video mastery customer care number?

The contact number or customer care number of MVM is: +91 9910406398

What is the email id of Micro video mastery course?

The email id of MVM is: friends@askaviarya.com

What is Micro Video mastery?

MVM is a method for all the business people and online business owners or marketers to promote their videos by making micro-videos and creating a brand of their business.

How do you make a micro-video?

To make a micro video for your business or for your self follow these simple steps:

1.Randomly make videos 10-15 seconds that were related to your business

2.Then after publishing videos on all the social media platforms present analyse which one video were performing the best.

3.Then make that type of videos more related to you business and make your brand perception in front of your target audience.

What is the price of MVM (Micro video mastery)?

The price of MVM is around 499/- it depends upon when you are buying the course because at different time it got different offers.

Did the MVM course is worth it?

If you are a beginner then this course will help you in your online marketing but if you are not a beginner then you should not purchase this product because this course isn’t for those who already know something about online world.


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