Mesho customer care number: How to contact Mesho customer care?

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In Today’s post, we will talk about the Mesho customer care number and resolve all your query regarding Mesho customer care.

This article will help you to find all the Mesho customer care number related query.

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What is the Mesho Customer care number?

The Mesho customer care number is : +91-8061799600

What is the Mesho customer care email id?

The Mesho customer care email id is :

How to sell on Meesho?

To sell on Mesho follow these simple steps:

1.Download the Meesho app in your mobile via google play store.

2.Login with your mobile number or sign in on mesho.

3.To sell a product select a product which you want to sell then click on the share now button via whatsapp.

4.If the customer want the product then order that product by adding your profit in it and once the order was delivered to your customer your profit will be delivered to your bank account.

Meesho is from which country?

Meesho is from India it’s a startup founded by Vidit Aatrey,¬†Sanjeev Barnwal to support and give an opportunity to all the people who wanted to start their business from their home.

How do I collect refer amount on meesho?

To collect refer amount on Meesho you need to add bank account details in your Meesho app and when the ordered was delivered your refer amount will be credited in your account.

How to Order 2 Sarees at the same time in Meesho?

To order 2 sarees at the same time in Meesho you need to add 2 different Sarees in the cart and then add your commission in it then order your product.

kya meesho delivery canada me ho sakta hai?

Currently Meesho is only offering it’s service in India so there’s no delivery in canada.

kya india se meesho app ka link send kar sakte hain friends ko?

Yes, you can refer the Meesho app link to your friends in India and you can earn money referring the Messho app.

Is it legal to order items in meesho for myself and send it in another platform?

No, you can’t do that if you are purchasing from one seller from Messho and selling it on amazon then if that same seller is in amazon then legal action can be taken against you.

But if you had a shop locally and you are ordering from Meesho and then selling it then there will be no legal action.

Can I use meesho if I am below 18?

Yes, you can use Meesho if you are below 18 because it’s just a simple business where you just want to refer a product.

But to take the Commission money you need to have a bank account which can’t be open till you are 18.

kya meesho app se nepal me bhi selling ki ja sakti hai?

Nepal doesn’t come in India so you can’t sell in Nepal but you can contact the Meesho customer care to know what they can do for you.

I had ordered airpods on meesho I got empty box What should I do to get my airpods?

You need to first call the Meesho customer care then tell your problem which you were facing and then return your product and either take your money in your account or order the same item again.

kya Meesho k parcel pr sender ka phone number likha hota h?

No, there will address of the seller but there will be no contact number of the seller.

Can we send someone a gift through meesho without the bill invoice?

For that you need to contact Meesho customer care representative that if they can do that or not.

Meesho App asking bank details is it save?

Yes, it is safe because there are other people who were doing business with meesho so don’t worry for that.

And they didn’t ask for your bank account pin or ATM pin they just want your account number in which your commission will be added.

Meesho app review?

On the Playstore it’s having 4.4 star rating which is a good rating for an app and it has over 50 million plus downloads.



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