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Jio customer care | Jio customer care no. | Jio customer care number | Reliance Jio customer care | Jio customer care se baat karne ka number | जिओ कस्टमर केयर से बात करने का नंबर

In Today’s post, we will talk about Jio customer care number and resolve all your query regarding Jio customer care.

This article will help you to find all the Jio customer care related query.

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What is the Jio customer care number?

The Jio customer care number | Jio prepaid customer care | Jio postpaid customer care is: 1800 889 9999

All these above number were the same and the number given is Toll free number.

But the problem here is that these toll free number mostly don’t work i had tried a lot many times with different mobile phones with Jio sim and other number but maximum times it doesn’t work.

What is the Jio fi customer care number?

The Jio fi customer care number | Jio Fiber customer care number | Jio Giga fibre customer care | Jio Fiber customer care number is: 1800-896-9999

Jio customer care number
The Jio customer care number | Jio prepaid customer care | Jio postpaid customer care 1800 889 9999
The Jio fi customer care number | Jio Fiber customer care number | Jio Giga fibre customer care | Jio Fiber customer care number1800-896-9999
Jio complaint helpline198
Jio number199
For HD calling1977
Jio customer from another network1800 889 9999 / 1800-896-9999

How to call Jio customer care from your mobile?

If you had a jio sim then you can call on these numbers for customer care service :

First got to your mobile call option and dial this number

  • For Jio complaint helpline: 198
  • For Jio number: 199
  • For HD calling: 1977
Jio customer care number by stateJio customer care number
Kerala1800 889 9999
Chennai1800 889 9999
Andhra Pradesh1800 889 9999
Delhi1800 889 9999
Tamilnadu1800 889 9999
Hyderabad1800 889 9999
Bangalore1800 889 9999
Gujarat1800 889 9999
Karnataka1800 889 9999
Kolkata1800 889 9999
West Bengal1800 889 9999
Madhya Pradesh1800 889 9999
Rajasthan1800 889 9999
Hyderabad1800 889 9999
Mumbai1800 889 9999
Bihar1800 889 9999
Bhopal1800 889 9999
Gwalior1800 889 9999
Ghaziabad1800 889 9999
Greater Noida1800 889 9999
Jabalpur1800 889 9999
Telangana1800 889 9999
Jammu and Kashmir1800 889 9999
 Ranchi1800 889 9999
Roorkee1800 889 9999
Uttar Pradesh1800 889 9999
Vishakapatnam1800 889 9999
Most of the time these numbers will not work if you try to call it either with your Jio sim or any other network

How to talk to jio customer care executive directly?

If you had a Jio sim in your mobile phone then use this customer care number : Dail 198

Then you need to follow these steps :

  • Press 1 for Hindi
  • Press 2 for English

Then they will tell your data balance and last recharge.

After that you need to follow these instructions for further problems :

  • Press 1 for new offers | plan recharge
  • Press 2 for the previous plan
  • Press 3 slow internet | connectivity
  • Press 4 current plan | Activate plan
  • Press 5 new Jio connection activation status
  • Press 6 Jio tune / Puk code | Lost sim

How to contact Jio customer care from another network?

To contact Jio customer care from another network you need to dial this Jio toll-free number: 1800 889 9999 / 1800-896-9999.

How to contact Airtel customer care from Jio?

When you were using Jio sim in your mobile phone and dial Airtel customer care number which is 121 then you can’t able to call Airtel customer care number.

I had tried in my Jio sim it will directly cut your call or tell you that we aren’t able to connect right now.

How to check the balance in Jio customer care?

To check the balance in Jio customer care number you need to dial 198 and then select your language (English / Hindi ) then all your details like past recharge, current data balance left, when your recharge will be expired all the details will be given.

What is the Jio customer care email id?

The Jio customer care email id you can write email to this email id : where your query will be resolved in 7 days said by the company.

What is the Jio customer care number for porting?

The Jio customer care number for porting your mobile will be not directly available you had to done this process offline in your nearest Jio store or your third party service provider.

There is a process where your documents(Aadhaar card) will be verified and your live photo will be clicked and your thumb impression will be taken then you can port from your current service provider to jio.

Then you had to tele-verify your Jio number with this number : Dial 198/199

What is the Jio customer care number to know the current recharge or new recharge?

To know the Jio customer care number for current recharge or new recharge plans follow these simple steps:

  1. Dial 198 from your Jio sim
  2. The select your language by pressing 1 or 2.
  3. Then Press 1 for getting information about new recharge and to know about the current plan when you select the language it will automatically tell you your current data balance.

What is the Jio customer care open time?

The opening and closing of the Jio customer care is 24×7 (Monday – Sunday).

What is the Jio customer care Whatsapp number?

The Jio customer care whatsapp number is :

  • 7000770007 (Jio mobility)
  • 7000570005 (For Jio Fiber)
Jio customer care

What is the Jio Indane gas booking customer care number?

The Jio Indane gas booking customer care number is : 1800 2333 555

How can we get Jio customer service call recording?

To get call recording from Jio customer care services you need to Dail 198 which is jio complaint number then you can ask then to get call recording of specific date.

Then they will verifiy and ask details such that they can verify you are the real person who owns the number then they will give you the call recording.

But may be you only get only your call recordings but you can’t get any other phone number call recordings.

If you had the permission of the court then only in some state you will get call recoding of some other person or the police of your country had the authority.

If you have Jio fibre connection and you are going abroad for 3 months do you have to inform Jio Fiber Customer Care?

Yes, you can do that when the Jio guys come to your house to take bill of your broadband then you can tell him that off the connection for 3 months and after 3 months restart the connection.

Or you can call in Jio Fiber customer care for your enquiry then do what the customer care representative will tell you to do.

You called Jio customer service to complain they asked for your address is that safe and will your personal details and information get to them?

There’s no harm in telling your address because they ask your address to improve your locality network and if you aren’t getting the good internet speed then they will record your query and improve their tower signals.

And don’t worry your personal data will not be misused because it’s secure in their data base but they will verify it to check whether your are the right person or not.

Write a letter to Jio customer care for”low Internet speed network issue problem

How to call Bsnl customer care number from Jio Sim?

To call BSNL customer care number you had to dial: 1800-345-1500 from your Jio sim and you can directly connect to the BSNL customer care.

What is Jio gaming customer service number?

The Jio gaming customer service number is same as jio customer care number : 1800 889 9999

How can we chat with Jio customer care live?

To chat with Jio customer care live to visit this link if you want to chat via web:

And if you want to chat live with your mobile then follow these simple steps:

1.Open my jio app

2.Go to the Mobile section in the top menu bar.

3.Then in the right bottom corner you will get Jio care option click that.

4.There you will get Live chat option where you can chat live.

Who is the service manager of Jio who can deal with the complaint of a customer whose complaint has not been satisfactorily attended to?

If your complaint in Jio customer care no. isn’t satisfied and you wanted to contact the Jio service manager then we had found a guy who is Jio customer service manager we had found in Linkedin you can go through this link: Pankaj Sharma

My Jio number isn’t working for 15 days I don’t know what to do the customer care guys were also not helping?

If your Jio number isn’t working for 15 days and customer care guys on Jio were not helping you to resolve your problems then you should visit the Jio store near you and then tell them what are the problems that you were facing.

What is the Jio broadband installation care number?

The Jio Broadband Installation customer care number is : 1800 889 9999

But may be this number will not work so you can go to your Jio app or My Jio app and follow these simple steps:

1.Open you My Jio app

2.Then go to the Jio fiber option in your menu bar.

3.Click on the “Book now” button and select your plan and then you need to fill the address of yours then the company guy will either came to your place or call you for your query.

Where is the customer care centre in Raipur Chhattisgarh?

Here is the list of Jio Customer care center in Raipur chhattisgarh :

Jio Store, Shop No. 1, Ground Floor, Nagdev Plaza, Plot No. 2/ 26, Civil Station, Jail Road, Near Kutchery Chowk, Raipur 492001, Chhattisgarh
Reliance Digital, Chhattisgarh City Center Mall, Opposite PF Office, Pandri Market,
Jio Store, Ground Floor, Plot No. 18/1424 & 18/ 711, Pandri Main Road, Opposite Amar Complex,
Jio Store, Shop No. B1, Ground Floor, Maruti Business Park, Plot No. 8 & 2, Raj Kumar College, G E Road,
Jio Store, Shop No. 6, Ground Floor, Ahuja Complex, No. C, Plot No. 161/1, Katora Talab,
Jio Store, Shop No. 3, Ground Floor, Vinit Estates, Block A, Shankar Nagar,
Jio Store, Shop No. 8, Upper Ground Floor, Ishwari Plaza, Plot No. 8, Telibandha, Near Dhamtari Railway Crossing, G E Road,
Reliance Digital, Unit No. 2, Magneto Mall, Labhandi, GE Road, NH 6,

How can I talk with Vodafone customer care executive via SMS from Jio?

We had analysed a lot but we hadn’t found a way through which we can talk with Vodafone customer care executive through SMS from Jio.

You can call the Vodafone customer care: 55666 (toll-free) or +91 9920055666 through this number but we hadn’t found any way to contact Vodafone customer care executive via SMS.

What should I do if Jio customer care executive is not lodging a complaint about low network frequency at my home location from last 6 month?

There are 3 things which you can do for this :

1.Directly contact the customer care manager

2.Go to the Jio store near you to know what they can do for your query

3.Go to all the social media like Facebook , Instagram , Twitter or Linkedin and write a post or tweet or update about what are the problems you were facing in each and every social media platforms and tag Jio in your post and tweets there are higher chances that their ORM team will respond to your query.

Are there any charges applied when calls are made from Jio number to bank customer care?

Most of the banks doesn’t have call charges for their customer care number because those all were toll free numbers and if some banks doesn’t have a toll free number.

In Jio all the calls were free you just have to pay for the data you are using so there’s no charge for calls either you call a bank customer care or some one else.

My extra data voucher is not showing in my Jio app while customer care executive says it shows in their computer what I do in this case?

Sometimes this types of glitch will happen because the database in the app wasn’t updated so if you had already contact the customer care executive of jio then don’t worry if they were saying that they had got your recharge.

If they hadn’t received your recharge then it will be a problem or if you had recharged but the data booster isn’t working.

It happens because the database of the app isn’t updated.


How to check jio balance?

To check Jio balance follow these simple steps :

Through Jio app:
1.Open my Jio app.
2.When you open your Jio app in the home page there will be a mobile option in the menu bar.
3.Click and then you will be able to see your per day data balance and the current Jio plan and if you click on Jio balance then you will get to know that which plan you were using and how many days your plan will be expired.

Through Customer care:
1.Dail 198 (Jio complaint number)
2.Select your language (English or Hindi)
3.Then they will tell all your plan details.

How to activate jio sim?

To activate Jio sim follow these simple steps:

1.After you had purchased your Jio sim from the service provider or jio store near me.
2.Then you need to dial 198 and then you will get potion 5 or 6 which will give you an option to activate your Jio sim and after that your jio sim will be activated in 12 hours.

How to set caller tune in Jio?

To set caller tune in Jio follow these simple steps :

1.Go to Jio Saavn either it will be in your mobile or you can download it from play store.
2.Select the song or music which will you want to set as jio tune.
3.Then you will get 3 dots click it and you will get option to set as jio tune.

How to know Jio number | How to know my jio number?

To know your Jio number follow these simple steps:

1.Go to My Jio app in your smartphone or download it from play store.
2.Then go to the mobile section in the menu bar.
3.It will display your mobile number , your plan and your remaining data left for the day.
4.If you had 2 Jio numbers in same mobile than you can also switch accounts.

How to check jio validity?

To check Jio Validity of your plan you can follow these simple steps:

Through Jio complaint number:

1.Dial 198 from your mobile number
2.Select the language you want
3.Then they will tell your current plan validity.

Through My Jio app :

1.Open My Jio app then click on the Mobile section on the menu bar.
2.Then your number will be displayed where you can check the Jio validity by clicking on the data balance of your number.

How to remove corona caller tune in jio?

The Corona caller tune in Jio will not be removed because it was integrated from Company side.

It sometime come and sometime it doesn’t but you can’t completely remove it if you are using Jio.

How to activate dnd in jio?

To activate DND in Jio follow these simple steps:

1.Open My Jio app.
2.The go the setting by clicking the 3 bars in the left hand side.
3.And select the Do not disturb section where you can select which type so of calls you want not to receive.

Why jio net is slow?

As Jio network had grown so much the more number of users using the network so the bandwidth allocation will be not equally divided to all the users.

So, if a users get allocated more bandwidth than his/her net will be fast and if get low bandwidth it will get slow net.

How to keep jio sim active without recharge?

To keep your Jio sim active without recharge you don’t have to do something.

Because from my experience i had got to know that either you can recharge it with less amount of plans or you leave it as it is.

I had a Jio sim which isn’t active for 2 months but still it’s get calls and messages but may be it will be deactivated if you will not use it or recharge it for more than 6 months.

Jio me 10₹ ka recharge karke ek massage ka kitne rupye kat ta hai?

There’s no need to do recharge for messaging because whenever you recharge your account whether it’s Rs.199 or any other plan you will get 100 sms per day for free so there’s no money will be deducted for messaging.

Jio ke dusre din ka data kab aata hai?

The data of your next day will be added in your account on 12:20 am of the next day.

पीएम किसान योजना जियो फोन में कैसे चेक करें?

If you are downloading PM kisan yojana app in your Jio mobile which is a bar or qwerty keypad mobile then it won’t work but if you had smartphone then you can easily download it.

Follow these steps : your google play store.
2.Search for Pm kisan yojana app
3.Click on Install and it will be downloaded.

How to set o Beta ji o babuji in jiosaavn set caller tune?

To set caller tune in Jio saavn then follow these steps :

1.Open the Jio saavn app
2.Search for the song which you want to set your caller tune
3.Then click on 3 dots on the right hand side of the song
4.There will be option of set as jio tune click on it.

Jio saavn app par jo pata nahi ji kon sa nasha kerte hai ka kya name hai?

The name of the song of pata nahi ji kon sa nasha karta hai is : Titliaan by Afsana khan


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