Flipkart customer care number: How to contact Flipkart customer care?

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In Today’s post, we will talk about the Flipkart customer care number and resolve all your query regarding Vodafone customer care.

This article will help you to find all the Flipkart customer care related query.

So, let’s get started.

What is the Flipkart Customer care Number?

The Flipkart customer care number is: 1800 208 9898 | 18001023547

The Flipkart customer care number all over India: 1800 208 9898 | 18001023547

Related Questions:

Flipkart se money kaise wapas le?

If you had cancelled your order and you had already paid earlier before arriving of product then your money will be reflected in your flipkart account.

But if you had ordered a product and then you want refund of that product then you can contact Flipkart customer care and request them to transfer the money in to your bank account.

Flipkart mein bulk mein mal kaise kharida jata hai?

To purchase a product in bulk when you are ordering a product there will be an option to choose the quantity of product so you can increase the quantity (It’s not applicable to all the products).

But from Flipkart you will not get the wholesale rates because they were also purchasing it form other sellers.

What is the minimum discount will be given on TV by Flipkart on Republic Day sale?

On Flipkart republic day sale the minimum discount will be 10%-15% on TV sets were given by Flipkart.

What is the best online shopping app Flipkart or Myntra?

If you don’t know then let me tell you that Myntra is acquired by Flipkart so whether you buy from flipkart or from Myntra the profit will be given to Walmart.

But yes as compared to Flipkart Myntra had better options in clothing.

How to choose the colour of the cycle in Flipkart?

If there is an option of colour in that particular bicycle then you can get the colour option just below the image of the cycle.

Flipkart me confirm order me code kya dale?

When you are ordering a product you will ask to fill the captcha where some code of 3 digit or some time 4 digit will be asked.

Once you fill that captcha image then only your order will be completely placed.

क्या फ्लिपकार्ट एक सोशल नेटवर्किंग साइट्स है?

No, its not a social networking site it’s an online eccommerce platforms who sell products.

Kya e-ccommerce kiye bina hum flipkart per seller ban sakte hai?

Yes, you can sell on Flipkart without doing ecommerce by registering your self for Flipkart seller.

Can we sell old bed mattress on Amazon or Flipkart?

No, you can’t sold bed mattress on Amazon or Flipkart because it’s not a website where you can sell your old products if you want to do that then go for OLX.com

Flipkart franchise lene ke liye customer care number up?

To take the Franchise of Flipkart delivery you can watch this video to know the process in detail.

Because customer care will not help you to provide this services.

फ्लिपकार्ट में सपरकॉइन्नन के फायदे?

The benefits of Flipkart coins are:

1.If you are a Flipkart Plus member then you will get 4 coins for every Rs.100 purchase and if you aren’t a Flipkart plus member then you will get 2 coins for every Rs.100 purchase.

2.If you are purchasing a product then you will pay some amount of money through your super coins depends upon the product.

Can we buy mobile with installment with PAN card in Flipkart?

No there’s no option of paying the EMI with pan card you can only pay with the help of Credit card or debit card.

Will I get my product ordered in Flipkart when I deactivate my account?

If your order is confirmed by the seller and you got the confirmation email or message from Flipkart side then if you deactivate your account then your order will not be cancelled.

जिओ फोन में फ्लिपकार्ट से ऑर्डर कैसे करते हैं?

To order the Jio phone from Flipkart then you should follow these steps:

  • Open the Flipkart app
  • Then search for Jio phone in the search bar
  • If the mobile is available you can order it other wise it will show you unavailable error.

Flipkart uninstall karne se super-coins kat jata hai kya?

No, if you uninstall the app your account will be in the Flipkart database so if uninstall the app your super coins will be there in your account.

The seller from Flipkart has initiated the refund and has refunded but it says that the refund amount would take some time to get reflected back into my bank account?

Yes, if the seller had initiated the refund then it will be credited in your account with. in 48hours it also depends upon bank to bank some time it can take a week.

फ्लिपकार्ट से रिमोट कंट्रोल कार कैसे मंगाए?

To order Remote control car from flipkart follow these steps:

1.Open the flipkart mobile app or website

2.Then search for Remote control cars and select the remote control car you want to buy.

3.Click on the Buy now button and then fill out your address and captcha image then your order will be confirmed and you will get the message.

What is Flipkart’s customer care number the ones existing on the Internet are invalid when dialled?

The flipkart customer care number which exist and vaild is : 1800 208 9898

Can I sell on Flipkart if my age is 16 year?

Yes, you can but your documents will be of some other person or your parents because if you aren’t 18 then you can’t sell but you can sell on other person name.

Till which time we can order on Flipkart?

You can order 24*7 on Flipkart.

Flipkart se dusra saman kaise mangvae pahla written karke?

First of all when you had returned the previous product then your money will be either reflect in your flipkart account or in your bank account if you had paid for the product.

Then you can order the new product which you want to buy.

Through Facebook Flipkart is able to fulfill its objective of helping customers in solving their queries and complaints elaborate?

The one thing which you need to understand is that each and every company had a ORM (online reputtaion management team) which will be always there in all social media platfomrs or in the web.

If you write something bad or you put something in facebook page of that particular company then there will be an associate whcih will say sorry about it and then registered your query or problem to their higher authority.

But yes they can’t able to solve your query on the spot because the associates hasn’t the power to solve your query on the spot.

If I cancel 6 products in Flipkart will it affect my future orders delivery date?

No, there will be no problem if you cancel 6 products but yes it can be possible that your order will be delayed from the regular time.

But if you are facing the delaying in the delivery problem then you can contact to Flipkart customer care number.


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