Drock: How to contact Drock in Gary vee?

In Today’s article, we will be talking about Drock contact number and how you can contact Drock Garyvee editor.

There are lots of websites which will only make you fool for traffic and doesn’t tell you about YouTubers contact number.

So, let’s get started.

Who is Drock?


Drock is the executive creative directory of Garyvee who owns Vayner Media and other different ventures.

He handles all the shoots of his talk shows and his youtube channel content making process.

He’s always behind the camera working with garyvee.

And he also run a side project name madeby which is his own project.

How to contact Drock?

To contact David rock there’s 3 options :


The first thing you can do is that you can follow him and engage with him and then when he recognise you you can write a DM.

Now he’s having huge following but if you use garyvee formula of reaching out to someone then you can definetly can contact David rock.


In linkedin if you want to contact him through linkedin then you can see his post and engage with him and then try to send personalised message and may be he will reply to your message.

3.Text garyvee

There’s a number through which you can contact or send a text to garyvee and ask your question to David rock.

  • 1-212-931-5731
  • (646) 401-0368

Text in these 2 numbers and then ask your question.


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