Bansiwala Fabrics customer care: How to contact Bansiwala fabrics?

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What is the Bansiwala customer care number?

The Bansiwala customer care number is: +91 9099889211

What is the Bansiwala fabrics email id?

The Bansiwala email id is:

What is the operating time of Bansiwala?

The operating time of Bansiwala is : Monday to Friday (9am – 5pm)

What other names do Bansiwala fabrics know as?

Bansiwala also known as the Zowie store which is an online shopping brand.

What is the Address of Bansiwala fabrics shop?

The address of Bansiwal shop is: The Zowie Store B-603, Shapath IV, Prahaladnagar Ahmedabad – 380054

Which is the Bansiwala fabrics Instagram id?

The Instagram id of Bansiwala is : @bansiwalafabrics_

What is the price of shirts and hoodies of Bansiwala fabrics?

Currently all the shirts were of the price of Rs.799/- but if you follow their instagram id you will get to know alot many offers like 4 shirts or hoodies for Rs.1999/- and more.

How many days does it take to deliver the shirts and hoodies by Zowie store?

It will take 7-12 days to deliver your shirts and hoodies by zowie store to your address.

If within 15-21 days your order were not recieved you can contact through their whatsapp number and know your order status.

But you will get all the delivery related details in your whatsapp number as you order and pay for the product.

Does the Zowie store provide worldwide delivery?

No, they are not providing worldwide delivery currently they were providing delivery in Pan India.


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