Ajio customer care number: How to contact Ajio customer care?

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In Today’s post, we will talk about the Ajio customer care number and resolve all your query regarding Ajio customer care.

This article will help you to find all the Ajio customer care number related query.

So, let’s get started.

What is Ajio customer care number?

The Ajio customer care number is : 1800-889-9991

What is the Ajio customer care email id?

The Ajio customer care email id is : customercare@ajio.com

How to check the product received from AJIO or any other online store are original I tried scanning barcodes but not getting any specific details?

To verify a product whether it’s fake or real you can use many QR code scanner in the playstore but i personally use Let’s verify app in Playstore which will tell you that the product is fake or real.

And not only that it’s trusted by many people.

When out of stock will products be restocked in AJIO?

No body can tell you that when the products will be restocked because there’s a tactic to create a demand of those particular product that’s why after 2-3 hours of selling the product exclusively on any online platform they started showing us the out of stock option.

But what you can do is that enter your email such that whenever the product get restocked you will get an email.

Do AJIO use website builder if so which one do they use?

No, Ajio isn’t using website builder when you inspect the website you will get to know that they have made the entire website via coding.

How can we become a fashion model who works for AJIO Amazon or puma etc?

To become a fashion model to work on Ajio, Amazon or Puma you can do these following steps:

1.You can directly reach out to different photographers who do these kinds of photoshoot.(because if you contact the company they will not respond to your query)

2.Start from your local market or local brands.

3.Showcase your work to as many businesses that require models for their product and eventually you will get work.

But directly no one get a chance to work as a model directly in big companies you had to start small.

Or in the starting work for free and make connections as many as you can and you will start getting better deals.

How to place an order of two same shoes in a different colour in AJIO?

To place an order of two same shoes in different colour in Ajio follow these simple steps:

1.Open your Ajio app in your mobile phone.

2.Select the 2 different colour product and add it in to cart.

3.Then simple order the items which were in the cart.

How I do contact to the responsible authority of ajio.com because AJIO customer care not responding?

The Simple way to contact Ajio customer care if they were not responding to your query then follow these simple steps :

1.Use social media sites like Facebook , Twitter , Instagram , Youtube.

2.Write all the problems that you were facing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and make a short 1-2 minute video on your query and upolad it on youtube.

3.There will be the company ORM team which will respond to your query.

Are ajio.com products good in quality?

When i was checking the reviews in many webistes about Ajio products most of them were saying that the products which they order wasn’t the same as it look in the app or website.

But at the same time there are few people who got good products so it depends upon which kind of products you are ordering if it is cheaper then the chances of the low quality will be high.

Money was deducted from my account but the order was not placed in Ajio. How can I get back my money?

If your money got deducted from your account and your order wasn’t placed in the Ajio so you can confirm first that the order was placed or not by contacting Ajio customer care number.

Then after contacting Ajio customer care you can wait for 48 hours if the order isn’t placed then it will get refund in your account.

Which app is suitable for affiliate marketing, Amazon or Ajio?

Most of the people use Amazon for Affiliate marketing not Ajio because they don’t even know that Ajio offers any affiliate marketing opportunity.

Personally, I also use Amazon for affiliate marketing and as you know that the Ajio customer care number isn’t that good so its better to go for Amazon.

If the delivery is delayed in AJIO, will they deliver my order or cancel my order?

If the delivery is Delayed in Ajio then they will send an inconvence mail to your registered email id or they will send a notification in your ajio app.

And if they had some problem in delivery of the product then they will directly cancel the order or if you want the product to come soon but the product isn’t delivered on the desired date then you can cancel the order.

What are the reviews about the AJIO shopping website?

Seriously I had researched a lot in social media about the Ajio reviews and I had found a lot many complains about the Ajio customer care number and the Ajio refunds.

 Ajio customer care number
 Ajio customer care number

As you can see in the above images from Facebook there are people who were not getting any response from the Ajio customer care number and not getting any refund.

So, we can say that Ajio customer care number is very bad and they mostly not refund your money.

Is AJIO a Reliance company?

Ealier it was onwed by Aditya birla group now it’s owned by Mukesh Ambani.

Is AJIO a Chinese app?

No, Ajio isn’t a chinese app it’s an Indian app owned by Reliance (Mukesh Ambani)


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