Airtel Customer care number – How to talk to airtel customer care?

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What is the Airtel customer care number?

The Airtel customer care number is: 121.

Dial 121 from your registered Airtel network.

What is Airtel customer care broadband?

The Airtel customer care broadband number is also : 121

What is Airtel customer care toll-free?

The Airtel toll free customer care number is :

  • North: 0124 4448080
  • East: 033 44448080
  • West: 020 44448080
  • South: 080 44448080

What is Airtel customer care number DTH?

The Airtel customer care number DTH is: 0755 4448080

What is Airtel customer care number for landline?

The Airtel customer care number for landline is: 1800 103 0121 / 1800 103 4444

What is Airtel customer care chat support?

Airtel chat support is a system built to resolve all the query and questions of all the Airtel users who were facing any difficulty in any respect to their Airtel network.

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Despite my recharge, for 82 days for Airtel, I am not able to call customer care number of ICICI Bank it is told that I doN’T have sufficient balance?

The plan you had choosen is not used for commercial purpose because we were only using it for non commercial purpose.

But for some reason, there are some banks in which our plan isn’t working but sometime the toll-free numbers will not work.

Airtel tv connection cancel karna hai kaise kar sakte mere account se airtel tv dth new connection hai usmein se main ek cancel karna chahta hun kis tarah cancel ho sakta hai customer care ka number nahin lag raha hai?

Visit the near Airtel store near me.

If you cancel the connection of the Airtel tv connection it will completely remove the entire broadband connection and then you need to choose a separate plan for the broadband connection.

Airtel ke number se idea ke customer care ko call kaise kar sakte hai?

Most of the network providers says that you can call to other network customer care number but the reality is that when you try to call the customer care of other network provider then it will not work.

Sometime it works sometime it doesn’t.

एयरटेल वॉलेट से रिलेटेड प्रॉब्लम सॉल्व करने के लिए कस्टमर केयर नंबर?

To call the Airtel customer care number regarding Airtel wallet : Dial 121 and you will get options to select your query.

जब एयरटेल डी टी एच कस्टमर केयर सर्विस में आपका फोन ना रिसीव किया जाए तो कहाँ किसे और किस नम्बर पर अपनी शिकायत दर्ज करा सकते हैं?

If there’s no respond from the Airtel customer care then you need to visit Airtel store near you.

Is Airtel Gujarat customer care working on Gandhi Jayanti?

The customer care service is automated so they will work on all the days but it depends upon company to company but when you call the Airtel customer care number on Sunday they respond to your query.

I have registered with customers care to deactivate Airtel SIM within how many hours it will be deactivated?

It depends upon the reason why you are deactivating your Airtel SIM if you are doing it because you are not getting the network in your area.

So, it’s better to port it in any other network.

And It also depends upon your Airtel number plans and dues if postpaid.

If there’s any then it will take time up to 48 hours.

Airtel 4g network nahi chal raha sim 4g hone ke bavjud internet kam nahi kar raha or customer care par per bat v nahi ho pa rahi kya kare?

If this happen with you then you must need to visit the Airtel store near you and talk to their service representative.

Within how much time do I receive the 40 RS cashback on my first transaction in Airtel?

Spontaneously it will be added to your account when you do the first recharge and then you can use it for the next time recharge.

My SIM is 3g but I want 4g sim with my old Airtel number ye?

Visit your Airtel store near me (depends upon your circle).

For example: If you are a resident of let’s say Bhilai and you are having a 3g sim of Bihar then you need to come at 3g SIM from bihar then port it on 4g SIM.

If you are using a same circle SIM then your number will be ported in just one hour.

Airtel to BSNL call free?

It’s free only if you had an unlimited plan if not it will be deducted from your current plan.

My Airtel Number is busy with another call and I have received a call on my Jio number how to pick up on Jio call without showing call is busy another number?

It’s not possible because you can’t operate both the sim at the same time and when you use dual SIM one sim will be in a standby mode.

So, you can’t do it at one time you need to use only one SIM at a time.

Mera airtel k no par Dobara recharge ho gya h Paytm s to paise kese waps aye?

It’s difficult now a days because in Jio we get an option to recharge another plan on an existing plan and it will be activated once the main plan will be exhausted.

But in Airtel there’s no option like that so if you had done another recharge on your same number then there’s less charge that you will get your money back.

Can we pay house rent through Airtel payments bank?

It depends upon which type of rent you are giving.

Airtel payments bank were used as a normal payment bank so if you are paying to an individual then you can pay it easily but in some website it will not work.

In place of that you can use Airtel Virtual debit card.

एयरटेल पेमेंट बैंक का सीआईएफ नंबर चाहिए?

You can go to nearest banking point of Airtel payments bank then you will request for passbook or you can get a virtual passbook then you will get to know your IFSC code.

How to convert my money from Airtel Money wallet account to my bank account?

If you had money in your wallet then it can’t be transferred in your bank account because it’s restricted by RBI earlier.

But now you can do it but you have to pay charges for it. (3% of transaction amount).

एयरटेल पेमेंट बैंक में राशि कैसे जमा करें?

First visit the nearest banking point of Airtel payement bank then you can add money in to airtel payment bank from your other bank account.

Or you can do with UPI via online.

There is how many Airtel payments bank we have created from one Aadhaar card?

You can only open one account with one Aadhaar card.

I am below 18 can I open an account in Airtel payments Bank?

You can open an account but you had to open it with your guardian in which you will not have the authority unless and until you will be 18.

एयरटेल पेमेंट बैंक द्वारा ट्रांजैक्शन किए हुए पैसे का डिटेल कितने दिन तक रहता है?

If you want 1 financial year transaction you can get it but if you want to know older transaction then you need to go to bank.

Airtel SIM card लेने के लिये कितना उम्र होना चाहिए?

Yes its mandatory.

Kya hum Jio to Airtel baat kar sakte hai?

Yes, you can do that if you had unlimited plan.

क्या मै अपने Airtel सिम से 2000 SMS कर सकता हूँ?

You can do 100 sms per day which will be 3000 sms in one month.

It’s better to use Whatsapp or other messaging apps for that.

बिहार का एयरटेल सिम विदेश में काम करेगा या नहीं?

Yes, it will work you can do that by doing a recharge on your number by an international roaming + international pack.

And it also depends upon which country you are going if that country does not have Airtel then you can’t make a call.

At what time we get new net on Airtel?

In all the network providers the new net or data will be renewed on 12:30 am because it will be considered as next day.

How to find the Airtel store near me?

To find the Airtel store near me you need to follow these steps:

1.Open you chrome browser

2.Search for Airtel store near me

3.Then you will get all your details of the Airtel store near you.


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